Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?

I have one question regarding AMERICAN PSYCHO. What the hell happened? Was it reality all along or mere hallucinations and delusions? Let us know what your queries and theories are!

2 thoughts on “Do you like Huey Lewis & the News?”

  1. Considering the film is a satire of Yuppie culture, and statements by the director, I am fully convinced everything in the film is real. Everyone else just finds it completely ridiculous that Patrick Bateman would commit such crimes and decided to just go to lunch whilst confusing all the people there with other people somewhere else.

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  2. I think that Patrick Bateman has not killed anyone at all. All of his kills are manifestations of the way he pictures the predatory business actions of those in his class. He can’t help himself but be a part of this vicious world. He cannot get out and in the end, he accepts who he is and that there is no hope for him or anyone


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